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Boasting the latest technology in canine breeding and with over 30 years of knowledge and expertise in assisted reprodution, we provide the UK's leading semen collection and and freezing service available to all dog owners across every breed and discipline.

Our semen freezing service has the potential to revolutionise your dog's breeding programme, whilst providing the opportunity for the indefinate preservation of his breeding potential.

Semen Freezing - A Quick Overview

Also known as cryopreservation, semen freezing involves the freezing of semen to a temperature of -196 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the sperm cells are frozen in a static but viable state and will not degrade or perish providing correct storage and handling is undertaken. Once thawed, the semen is restored to its pre-frozen form, capable of fertilisation and for some dogs, the results can be comparable to that of chilled semen, when frozen, thawed and inseminated correctly.

Semen Freezing – Is It for You? 

Whether you are a dog breeder, or simply a pet owner, semen freezing has many benefits of interest and appeal to every dog owner.

1. Preservation of your dog’s breeding potential 

By far one of the key advantages of frozen semen is its indefinite storage, providing for preservation of your dog’s breeding potential, espcially when he is no longer with us. Safeguarding against his unexpected loss or planning for the future, the ability to bank and indefinitely preserve semen should appeal to all dog owners.

2.Less stress for your dog and for you

i) For busy showing, competition and working dogs, semen can be taken for freezing during quieter periods, permitting a competition season uninterrupted by breeding duties.

ii) Reduced semen collection frequency – semen freezing provides an alternative/supplement to the demands of natural/chilled semen breeding regimes. With semen freezing the collection frequency can be tailored to the dog's physical needs and semen quality. The bank of semen collected can be used to aid his breeding targets, whether as a complete alternative or supplement to natural/chilled semen collections.


3. More efficient use of your dog’s semen

When breeding via natural methods or chilled AI, the dog’s ejaculate is dedicated to one bitch or, in the case of chilled semen, is divided between bitches according to demand with unused semen discarded after 24 hours. With frozen semen, some dogs can split one ejaculate into multiple breeding doses which can be frozen and kept indefinitely, preventing semen wastage and permitting more efficient use of your stud dog. 

4.   Logistics and a worldwide market 

i) A further advantage of frozen semen is the ability to ship the semen ahead of the bitch’s planned time of requirement. Most vet practices now have frozen semen storage, enabling bitch owners to order semen weeks, if not months, in advance and so prevent the stress to all parties involved in timing semen arrival against the bitch’s cycle. 

ii) The indefinite shelf life of frozen semen providing its maintenance at -196 degrees Celsius also means it can be shipped worldwide where regulations and transport permits. This opens up the possibility of an exciting worldwide market for you and your dog – the world becomes your dog's oyster with frozen semen distribution.

The Service

Our semen collection and freezing service includes;

  • Semen collection by our experienced team members

  • Processing & freezing into 0.5ml straws in our state of the art laboratory

  • Full post thaw analysis & quality control written report emailed to you within 5 working days

  • Once the semen is frozen it is transferred into our permanent storage facility, see Frozen Semen Storage & Distribution’ for more details on storage.

How many doses will my dog produce from one collection?

The number of doses that each dog produces is highly variable, the table below shows the estimated doses calculated using body weight.  It may be possible to carry out a supplementary collection on the same day to increase sample size, allowing for greater straw numbers.


Small Dog Up to 10Kgs 1+ Doses 
Medium Dog Up to 30Kgs 2+ Doses
Large Dog Up to 40Kgs 3+ Doses
Extra Large Dog 40Kgs + 4+ Doses


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