Discount Semen Freezing Clinics

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Save over £45 on semen freezing

Our semen freezing clinics are for both new and existing clients that want to take advantage of semen freezing at a discounted rate!

All frozen semen collections are £282 on clinic dates. Supplementary collections are also available for £90.


Simply book your appointment time with our team on one of the dates below. Please let us know if you would also like a supplementary collection.


Our next clinic dates 


13th March - Available

30th March - Available

10th April - Available

27th April - Available

15th May - Available

25th May - Available

5th June - Available

22nd June - Available

10th July - Available

27th July - Available

7th August - Available

24th August - Available

4th September - Available

28th September - Available

9th October - Available

26th October - Available

6th November - Available

30th November - Available

4th December - Available

21st December - Available


How to Book

1. Get in touch - Call us on 01948608859 or email 

2. Book your appointment at a time that suits you

3. You will recevie an email with a booking form attached

4. Return your completed booking form to  prior to your appointment