BOAS Testing

Respiratory Function Grading Scheme - BOAS Assessments on site now!

BOAS, otherwise known as Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome, is a condition which affects the respiratory function in numerous breeds. Breeds including French Bulldogs, Pugs and Bulldogs who have characteristically heavy, noisy breathing along with excessive panting are mostly affected and these defects can often be viewed as being 'normal' for the breed. These traits are not 'normal' and the defects can impact the dogs everyday life. 

These defects should be assessed and where required; surgical intervention should be used to improve the dog’s quality of life. 

Generations of over breeding to produce an abnormally wide heads along with a severely flattened noses in some breeds, has been detrimental to the soft tissue structure within their heads. It has created an excess of soft tissue which prevents clear airflow in their nose and throat causing severe breathing difficulties. BOAS presents a very real welfare issue for many dogs, and we urge anyone looking to breed from their brachycephalic dog to have their dog assessed first. 

BOAS testing is available on site at Elite Kennel Fertility. 

The breeding of any dog should be a well thought out process with great care and attention to the breeds specific health recommendations, more importantly where physical deformities can impact with welfare of future puppies and breeding lines produced. Screening your dogs to reduce the ongoing issues surrounding respiratory defects is the breeder’s responsibility and we want to help you make all the right decisions when breeding your next litter.

Out vet Diana Baker, a fully qualified and Kennel Club Respiratory Function Grading Scheme assessor can help - give the office a call to book today 01948 411581 or email


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