Semen Storage & Distribution

Semen Storage & Distribution

Correct storage is critical to ensure infinite longevity – protect your investment with Elite Kennel Fertility 

Elite Kennel Fertility provide over twenty years of industry knowledge & experience within assisted reproduction.  Our technicians are skilled and experienced in cryopreservation and cryo-storage across multiple species and currently store over 500,000 individual semen and tissue samples.

After making the initial investment of freezing semen from your stud dog, it is critical to store and handle the straws correctly. Once the semen is frozen, it is vital for the straws to be continually submerged in liquid nitrogen at -196 °C to ensure infinite longevity. It only takes a few seconds of exposure to room temperature to initiate the thawing of frozen straws and the potential of future progeny to be terminated. Therefore, at Elite Kennel Fertility highly trained laboratory staff ensure your dog’s semen is expertly handled and stored correctly for the future preservation of your dog’s genetic lines.  

Our Storage & Distribution Facility – What Makes Us Different



  • Fire-Resistant Storage Facility

  • State of the Art Storage Vessels

  • Advanced Nitrogen Tank Alarm Systems 

  • Tanks Undergo Daily Visual Checks 

  • CCTV System in Operation 24/7

  • Written Confirmation Required Prior to Release

  • Storage & Shipping Flasks Serviced Annually



  • Highly Skilled & Experienced Cryopreservation Team

  • Award Winning Staff




  • Bespoke Stock Management Software Programme for Accurate Storage & Shipping Records

  • Capacity to Store over 1,000,000 Semen & Tissue Samples

  • Fleet of 70 Shipping Containers

  • Open 7 Days Per Week, 365 days Per Year

  • Semen Shipping Available 7 Days Per Week

  • Same Day & Next Day Delivery Available

  • In House Dedicated Courier Service (UK)


Storage of Frozen Straws Straws frozen by Elite Kennel Fertility 1-15 straws (minimum storage fee per annum applies) £60.00
  16 + straws frozen by Elite Kennel Fertility (fee per straw per annum) £4.00
  Straws frozen by third party 1-12 Straws (minimum storage fee per annum applies) £60.00
  13 + straws frozen by third party (fee per straw per annum) £5.00
UK Frozen Semen Distribution Processing & handling fee (to include; preparation of the flask & accompanying documentation & packaging of the straws) £75.00


Return carriage of shipping flask (UK) £55.00
  Total UK Frozen Shipment £130.00
Frozen Semen Arrivals Booking in fee - account creation, frozen straw & documentation inspection (up to 40 straws, thereafter straw fee applies)  £60.00
   Straw inspection fee applicable on arrivals containing over 40 straws (per straw) £1.00
Frozen Semen Returns Return & inspection of unused straws from veterinary practise £50.00

*All prices quoted are subject to VAT @ 20%

Flask Hire

At Elite Kennel Fertility we provide a comprehensive flask hire service, so even if you don’t store your semen with us, you can still access our fleet of 70 dry shipping tanks with a static holding time of up to 21 days for moving your canine semen.  Elite Kennel Fertility do not use disposable shipping containers and strongly advise against using these vessels where possible.

Flask Hire

Existing client UK flask hire



Third Party UK flask hire


Flask Hire (EU)

Existing Client flask hire



Third party EU flask hire (£500 fully refundable deposit applies)


Flask Hire (Worldwide)

Existing client worldwide flask hire (£750 fully refundable deposit applies)



Third Party worldwide flask hire (£750 fully refundable deposit applies)


*All prices quoted are subject to VAT @ 20%


At Elite Kennel Fertility we provide a five-star service for you and your stud dog, 365 days a year, 7 days a week.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your storage and distribution requirements.

Store and distribute with Confidence at Elite Kennel Fertility