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Correct storage is critical to ensure infinite longevity – protect your investment with Elite Kennel Fertility 

We provide over 30 years of industry knowledge & experience within assisted reproduction.  Our technicians are skilled and experienced in cryopreservation and cryo-storage across multiple species and currently store over 500,000 individual semen and tissue samples.

After making the initial investment of freezing semen from your stud dog, it is critical to store and handle the straws correctly. Once the semen is frozen, it is vital for the straws to be continually submerged in liquid nitrogen at -196 °C to ensure infinite longevity. It only takes a few seconds of exposure to room temperature to initiate the thawing of frozen straws and the potential of future progeny to be terminated. Our highly trained laboratory staff ensure your dog’s semen is expertly handled and stored correctly for the future preservation of your dog’s genetic lines.  We offer an efficient and hassle free shipping service, whether it be within the UK or to the other side of the world. 


UK Distribution






Flask Hire


Our Storage & Distribution Facility – What Makes Us Different



Fire-Resistant Storage Facility

State of the Art Storage Vessels

Advanced Alarm Systems 

Tanks Undergo Daily Visual Checks 

CCTV System in Operation 24/7

Written Confirmation Required Prior to Release

Storage & Shipping Flasks Serviced Annually



Highly Skilled & Experienced Cryopreservation Team

Award Winning Staff




Bespoke Stock Management Software Programme for Accurate Storage & Shipping Records

Capacity to Store over 1,000,000 Semen & Tissue Samples

Fleet of 70 Shipping Containers

Open 7 Days Per Week, 365 days Per Year

Semen Shipping Available 7 Days Per Week

Same Day & Next Day Delivery Available

In House Dedicated Courier Service (UK)



UK Distribution

We offer an efficient and hassle free shipping service, so as a stud dog owner you can have the peace of mind that your dogs semen can be easily shipped by our team when ever you need it.

Our UK shipping service is for both chilled and frozen semen allowing you to choose what stock you would like to send and giving your cutomers more choice when advertising your stud dog. We will never release your frozen semen without written confirmation which can be recieved by email or post. It is essential we recieve your authorisation and we will be unable to ship any semen from our centre before the confirmation has been recieved.

Please allow as much time as possible for shipping your chilled or frozen semen. It will allow our team to make all the necessary preparations prior to you or your client requireing the semen, making the shipment as smooth as possible when the time comes. One advantage of using frozen semen is that it can be stored a veterinary practice where the bitch will be inseminated in advance of needing it, providing they have the facilities to keep frozen semen.



We have years of experience when it comes to exporting frozen semen. We pride ourselves on making the process as efficient as possible.

Exports can take some time to be ready for shipping due to various countries having specific health requirements and semen collection conditions. We can help you to meet all the requirements necessary for the shipment and liase with veterinary staff to ensure your dog has had all the necessary treatments before and after the collection date. 

After leaving the EU much confusion has been created around shipping canine semen but we can advise you on how to ship to various countries and what the time scale will be. If you have any export enquires please do not hesitiate to contact our team.

Please note: Semen collections for exports are not done at clinic day discount prices when booked on a clinic day. 




Importing canine semen from abroad can be daunting but Elite Kennel Fertility can make the process effortless giving you and your dogs more opportunity and help connect you with stud dogs and their owners worldwide. 

To import semen in to the UK, we can act on your behalf and recieve the shipment to our centre. We can safely check the shipment and move it in to our storage facility unitl you require to use the semen. We will provide you with an inventory once we have completed this process so you have all the information you need about the semen stocks you hold at our facility.


Flask Hire

We provide a comprehensive flask hire service, so even if you don’t store your semen with us, you can still access our fleet of 70 dry shipping tanks with a static holding time of up to 21 days for moving your canine semen.  We do not use disposable shipping containers and strongly advise against using these vessels where possible.


We provide a five-star service for you and your stud dog, 365 days a year, 7 days a week.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your storage and distribution requirements.  

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