Chilled Semen Collection & Shipping

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We offer onsite chilled semen collection. The service is quick and efficient, with semen being assessed and processed to a high standard, offering bitch owners a superior alternative to natural mating.

What’s involved in chilled collection and processing?

Semen is collected from the stud dog and assessed for quality before being processed using a protein based extender which increases the longevity of the sample.  The semen is then cooled slowly, packaged in a temperature controlled shipping box and shipped to the desination of your choice.  On arrival, the semen is allowed to warm before insemination of the bitch.  The longevity of the sample is variable depending on the quality produced by the stud dog, however in general, insemination is recommended between 24 hours and 4 days.  In some cases it is possible to achieve longevity up to 10 days, however this is not possible for all dogs and may correlate with lower fertility results if processed incorrectly.

What are the main benefits of chilled semen?

• The male and the female can be in different locations, therefore eliminating the need to transport the animals

• The evaluation of semen can take place prior to insemination, allowing for a much more efficient breeding programme

• Safer than natural mating with antipathy/aggression between bitch and stud dog being avoided

• Great alternative for inexperienced stud dogs

• Avoids quarantine restrictions


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