Semen Assessments

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Assessment of your dog’s semen with regards to its potential fertility is fundamental before and during, offering a professional and successful stud dog service. We use the latest technology in canine reproduction to harness the power of the most reliable markers of canine semen fertility and provide a professional assessment of your dog’s semen quality.
Offering industry leading and comprehensive semen evaluation services for visiting dogs and for samples shipped to our facility.  

Our semen assessment services include:

Essential Semen Assessment


Comprehensive Semen Assessment 


Essential Semen Assessment

Semen collection and assessment of the ejaculate.

The assessment includes the analysis of raw volume, pH, concentration & viability, total & progressive motility by CASA as well as bacterial culture screen.

A written report can be produced and emailed to you for £20+vat.

Comprehensive Semen Assessment

Includes the everything within the 'Essential Semen Assessment' along with a morphological analysis and a written report is included.

We offer fluorescence microscopy morphology assessments as extra if this is required.

Further information 

For further information on any of our semen services, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and professional team.

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